This program is open to all income eligible, single-family units and owner occupied residents of Butler County Pennsylvania.   The City of Butler is excluded.
Program guidelines require manufactured housing to have a permanent foundation.
Examples of possible eligible improvements include:

Obvious Structural Defects

* Please note:
Funding is limited, and not all eligible residents are guaranteed asisstance.


Once you contact us, our program coordinator will assist you in perparing the application requirements.

· An eligibility screening to verify your total family income, a copy of your deed, and your Federal    Income Tax Return.
· A house inspection to list the deficiencies to be corrected and desired property improvements.
· A work write-up to assist contractors in preparing bids and a cost estimate of work to be performed.
· A contract which provides for a grant of up to $12,000 to bring your home in compliance with Housing Quality Standards and local code requirements. An additional grant of up to $2,500 is available to assist persons with disabilities for modifications necessary for accessibility and local code requirements.

Cost Finance

Please note: If the cost for the improvements exceeds the grant amount of $12,000, the homeowner is responsible for the excess. Housing Quality Standards must be met.

If the homeowner cannot pay for the difference, then they cannot participate in the program.

The homeowner will be responsible for obtaining their own financing for any excess amounts over $12,000. Possible financing is available through NexTier Bank.

Bids must be received from several contractors. The contractor will be selected on the basis of insurability, price and other similar factors.


The benefits of a neighborhood rehabilitation program are numerous:
· The owner will experience pride and security in knowing their homes are in sound condition.
· The neighborhood will become more attractive.
· Your home's resale value will be increased.

Income Limits*

Eligibility for the Owner Occupied Residential Rehabilitation Program is baesed upon total family income.


Total family income will include, but is not limited to:
Wages of all family members
Social Security
Interest Income
Public Assistance
Child Support
*Income limits are subject to change based on program

**A lien in the amount of the grant will be placed on your home/property for a period of 5 years. The lien is decreased by 20% each year then removed.**

Home Grant