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These properties are conveniently located througout the City of Butler in Butler PA.  They consist of 14 single family units and duplexes, (10 two bedrooms, 3 three bedrooms and 1 four bedroom) of affordable housing for limited income families.  Rent is based on income and families must pay all utilities except for sewage and trash, in turn the Housing Authority subtracts a utility allowance from monthly rent calculations.

              Income limit is:
                                $41,700 for family of 2
                                $46,900 for family of 3
                                $52,100  for family of 4
                                $56,300  for family of 5
                                $60,450 for family of 6
                                $64,650 for family of 7
                                $68,800 for family of 8

For more information or to obtain an application please contact:
Housing Authority of the County of Butler
114 Woody Drive  Butler PA  16001
724 287-6797 or 1-800-433-6327
TDD # 1-800-545-1833 Ext. 772
*Income limits are subject to change based on Federal regulations

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